last updated 4/08/2002

Hello all,

Conversion Done

All I can say is SWEET!!! It's all done and stops me on a dime now.
The conversion went very smooth except I had the calipers switched. It does matter
right for left!!!! See below.... But all and all it is a very great swap.
I have driven it for 300 miles now and not one problem. I pulled the tires today and made
sure everything was still tight. Big smiles on my face!!!!!!!!! I have started my reardisk conversion I bought from Ross at

Modern-MotorSports Ltd

I can say it's easy so far.
Remove your tires and than remove you drums.
Then remove the piston for the brakes.
There is 2 small U clips on the rear of the plate slide one out than remove the other.
You now can remove the brake piston assy.
Unbolt the 2 10mm bolts that hold on the brake lines to the top.
You should now look like this.

Next you have to cut out the back dust cover. I found the easy way!

Remove all 4 bolts and grab a sawzall and cut the cover almost in half.

There will be a small area you can grind on or cut with a torch.
I used a torch and only took a couple minutes.
Once it's cut on one side you will have to do the same on the other side.
It should look like this once ya cut it out.

Now it's time to clean and paint your nice dirty assy!!

After you clean and paint time to go and replace the 3 bolts.
I bought 6 10..X30mm/1.25 pitch and used a washer and lock washer.
Next bolt that PUPPY on there.

Looking SWEET BABY!!!!

Next set the rotor on and you will find perfect alignment.

I have to refresh my calipers but I bolted it up to see how it looks.

Be sure to put the "R" caliper on the passenger side and the "L" on the drivers side.

Other wise you will not be able to bleed the brakes correctly!
Looking SWEET BABY.. OH YA.......

Another View.

Well now it's time to hook up the brake lines, and rebuild the

The brake lines I used is Coni-Seal part# BH177695 or Bendix# 77695
The caliper end of the brake line has a little hook for being a guide for whatever caliper is was for, I just cut it off.
Here is another pic.

All is done.
Here are some pics of the left and right side and a pic of the double braided brake lines.
I sure like them.
You can order them from Ross C. They are great lines!!!!!!!
You can order them here Modern MotorSports Ltd..

The break in for the Carbon Fiber pads are as such.

New Brakes - Break-in Procedure
For the best in braking efficiency and to extend durability of ANY new 
brake rotors and pads, the thermal break-in procedure must always be taken 
into account. In turn, this will also prevent discs from "thermal shock" 
which may cause warping or cracking. Follow the procedure below:
Bring Vehicle Speed to 30 mph
Bring Vehicle Speed Down to 5 mph 
(using normal braking pressure..NO PANIC STOPS!)
Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for 5 to 6 Times
Do Not Drive For 1 Hour To Allow Rotors To Cool To Ambient Temperature To 
Avoid Warpage.
Always Have Rotors And Pads Installed By Qualified Personnel.

Total time so far is 3 hours including painting and rebuilding the calipers!!
More to follow.......


Dave booth